4 Perks of Meditation Noticed by the Sceptical Person

Autor: Magda Owsiany •  Aktualizacja: 07/11/18 

Let’s be honest. At first, I thought that the whole meditation is rubbish. How can sitting, making your mind empty and doing nothing improve your life?! There are way more important things to do. This kind of thinking has not brought me very far. My first several attempts to meditate have been a disaster. However, when I did some more research and become more persistent to create habit of daily meditation, it gifted me with some benefits.

1: More control to brain wave

If you usually have times when thoughts start running through your head like wild beasts, unable to tame, you know the struggle. I know the struggle! But let me tell you this: one week. This is the amount of time I needed to reduce the brain wave. It is astonishing how taking time to empty your mind can improve how you feel and think.

2: Reduction of anxiety

This one is kind of connected with brain wave. I stopped hating on myself that much. When anxiety hits in, it’s hard to think reasonable. However, with proper meditation session, it becomes clear that you should rather focus on self development than self harassment. Remember kids, hate leads nowhere.

3: Boost to self confidence

Prepare for some rocket science. When you stop analyzing every single aspect of your life, it becomes easier! Brilliant! With growing self confidence, comes peace of mind. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world when you finally feel laid back. Okay, not totally, but MORE laid back. However, after years of being a ball of nerves and fears this is a massive improvement.

4: Better sleep

Aaand more energy. This is what I experienced after decent meditation session. With the last minutes of head cleaning the sleep was coming immediately. I slept like a baby. Aww, ever writing about it feels nice.

I recommend you trying to meditate. This is a great way of taking care of yourself.
And don’t even tell me you don’t have time for it. At the moment you are reading some Steemit article! Get out of here! Download any meditation app! Choose a session! Yes, 5 minutes is fine, too. Just freakin’ do it. And then, after some time you will see the results.

Just f*cking do it, mate! Your future self is gonna be so proud.

Magda, wait. How in the world should I do this meditation? What app should I choose? How long should one session be? Relax. You’ll get to know it soon!

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