Become 3 Levels Better

Autor: Magda Owsiany •  Aktualizacja: 07/11/18 

Good morning!

This is the beginning of almost every vlog created by one smart guy. His name is Mirek Burnejko. Are you Polish? Good for you, his uploads are in this language. If you are not… I will tell you about one life-changing idea I learned from him.
At the first glance, Mirek and I have little in common. We live different lives, in different locations, have different interests. However, we are both passionate about reaching our goals. My way to them was usually hectic. At some points felt even like a punishment. Why? The huge goals were simply overwhelming. Fortunately, I’ve found Mirek. And his way to make dreams come true. How? By completing only three levels.


Crumble it!

Take this astonishing thing you want to achieve. Now separate it into easy, medium and hard level. Done? Fantastic! Your current task is to complete the first level. Then the second one and finally the third one. At this point, your brain probably screams: example! Well, here it is.
My goal is to become a veteran blog writer. My goal made me create this beauty:
Level one: posting 10 articles (they are already planned, check them out!)
Level two: posting 30 articles
Level three: posting 100 articles

The whole idea is all about gaining a momentum. 10 articles are not that much. I already have plenty of ideas, three texts are done, so there is only 7 to go! Then it comes to level two. Hey, you have already written 10 articles. When you do some crazy maths it appears that this is the ⅓ of 30. For Good sake, this is not that much! After compelling level two, nothing can stop you from going to kick the butt of the level three. You see? Suddenly dreams are not that hard to catch.

Pro tip: it’s great when level one is 10% and level two 30% of the third level. This is Mirek’s golden proportion I agree with.


Treat yoo self

Let’s suppose you are teaching your pet a trick. After many failures, she finally gets it! You are:
giving her a treat/praising her
just moving on to another trick

You probably have chosen the first option. Congrats, you know the basics of creating a habit! In this aspect, we are not very different from animals. Rewards keep us motivated to take up another challenge. Apply this rule to your three levels. Set a prize for every level you reach. It can be a book, a bottle of wine or an awesome city break. The higher level, the more valuable the prize!
Treats are important, remember about them!


The beginning

This post is my first step to the level one. The awareness that this tiny step and many others slowly form my huge goal. This keeps me excited. Hope this pink positive attitude will stick with me for a longer time. Don’t forget to check out my list of subject, join me in this countdown. A new post will appear soon!
What are your ways of reaching goals?

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