Mustard, Projects and Passion in a Relationship

Autor: Magda Owsiany •  Aktualizacja: 10/22/18 

There is a Youtuber called Jenny Mustard. She talks about lifestyle, productivity and has a unique fashion sense. I like this woman. We are different when it comes to some aspects, for example, nutrition. If she told me to go vegan, I’d say „have you heard about chicken?”.
However, when it comes to the subject of relationship, we share an opinion. Both Jenny and I find taking up projects together with a partner a game changer. A „couple mission” is our ultimate way for a high level of engagement between two people.

Sounds like advice called share-a-hobby-or-do-stuff-together. I know it could be one of the tips from clickbait YouTube slideshow videos. No rocket science. But I think it’s underrated anyway. Don’t you believe me? Just go to any forum dominated by ladies. A question „What can I do with my boyfriend?” is insanely popular.
Greetings to Polish Vinted forum!
People usually don’t know what to do with each other when making out all day long is no longer an option. Soon after that, boredom comes. Then appears a nagging thought „Is she/he really the one?” or „What happened to our love?!”

Ad break: want to read more me hating media for ruining relationships?! Hell yes? Fine, go THERE.

Why does it even work?
By taking up activities together, you strengthen your special bond. Cooperation connects people. Did you know that doing things that demand some sync make people closer? For example, games that are about collaboration to achieve the target. You are working for your goo, start to understand each other better. When you do something together, you can discover their fantastic features you didn’t know. It’s a chance for you and your partner to grow. Not only as a couple but also as individuals.
For me, it’s a great excuse to fall in love even more!

Having a good relationship demands hard work, both inner and in cooperation with your partner. To be engaged, we need some intriguing triggers. That brings a breeze of novelty into the relationship you already know. You have thousands of options, but you won’t get to know what works for you unless you move your butt and check what works for you, guys.
Sorry, nothing that’s valuable comes easy.

Just like in case of looking for a hobby, you have to try different things. Your next favorite thing to do together won’t arrive at your door just like that. But don’t even dare to get discouraged by that! Cherish this great research!
Remember, this is a chance for both of you to grow. Trying to find new exciting things may be challenging on your own, but it gets extra had when two people need to get satisfied. In this situation, the most crucial thing is to keep your mind open. Don’t let rejection be your first reaction (of course unless you have had bad experiences with this thing or it’s something wrong to do, like slapping elderly ladies or something).
If your objections have no particular reason, why don’t you give a new thing a try? You can discover your future lifetime passion. And level up your relationship. Smells like win-win.

Now I expect you are going to go wild and bring tons of love into your relationship!

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