Why being Laid-Back Is a Virtue?

Autor: Magda Owsiany •  Aktualizacja: 08/05/18 

From many things that my boyfriend has taught me, including playing tennis and making a delicious sauce for fried potatoes, the greatest one of them is how to be laid-back. Or at least to stressed out about everything less. Because you know, I’m in progress all the time.

Anyway, why do I give this state a range of virtue?

For me, the virtue is something that brings harmony to my life. Turning myself into a let-it-go mode gave me tons of peace. It was like a detox for my mind. I’ve started noticing how many things don’t deserve or need my attention. Opinions of people who are not close to me, awkward public situations, happenings I have no influence on. Moreover, these things don’t need involving my strong emotions. The result? My mood has improved. And I feel less stress now.

Let’s not fool ourselves: stress is a state when our body is taken out of its proper state.

Hormones are having a mad party inside when you feel stressed. The excess of stress has an impact both on our physical and mental health. All of these combined might lead to serious diseases. So, being laid-back is a kind of protection both for your body and mind. In a huge shortcut. Because you probably would get scared if I gave you a physiology lesson.
Apart from feeling better, another advantage is having a clear mind. That’s the point where something truly magical occurs. It’s like a birth of a completely new mind of yours. The mind that allows for better productivity. The mind that is always ready for solving problems and face challenges. The mind that makes you unstoppable.

Once upon a time, when I felt extremely insecure, I asked my close person: how does it feel like to be self-confident?

“Well, you feel just chilled; because you know that you’re going to deal with everything.”
I feel like being laid-back is the natural fallout of gaining self-confidence. My conclusion is probably not the rocket science. However, I know many insecure people. For them, this is a great discovery. Actually, they might be aware of this. In this situation, the hard thing is to convince themselves that it can work out. And to apply it into their own life. Maybe you, my Dear Reader, are one of them?

It’s a hard path. You’re going to fail many times. However, the results are worth it. Stay curious about the sweet taste of victory (calories:0!!!) and go for it!

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