I Am Not Good Enough: A Look at Comparing

When I take a look back, I see tons of waste. Waste of time. I’m not talking about watched TV series, memes or time spent on drawing fluffy kittens. I’m…

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4 Perks of Meditation Noticed by the Sceptical Person

Let's be honest. At first, I thought that the whole meditation is rubbish. How can sitting, making your mind empty and doing nothing improve your life?! There are way more…

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3 levels

Become 3 Levels Better

Good morning! This is the beginning of almost every vlog created by one smart guy. His name is Mirek Burnejko. Are you Polish? Good for you, his uploads are in…

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This is the Internet. I can just walk in there, create a blog and share with you everything I want. There are lots of things to share. Experiences, knowledge and…

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